Lift removals

One of many services that KEP offers is lift removals. The reasons behind removing a lift may be to allow for a new lift to be fitted in the place of the previous. Or to remove the lift all together. Whichever the reason KEP's teams of lift removal specialist are trained and prepared for the task at hand.

Our lift removal specialists often work alongside our own regular lift engineers on new installations where needed. However we are also happy to work alongside our competitors who do not offer this specialist service.

Below is a picture of a lift installed in Chiswick, London that has been damaged by being submerged in water at times of high water table. KEP has removed the damaged steels to allow for the necessary repairs and replacement to be completed. 

Rusted Lift Shaft

The new and repaired lift will be posted shortly upon completion of the repairs to show the lifts transformation. 

Contact KEP if you are seeking Lift Removal specialists.