Open Aspect Platform Lift

Open Aspect Platform Lifts (often referred to as disabled access lifts) offer travel from just a few steps to several metres. Often seen in building entrances  both internally and externally these lifts allow for easy access for all. 

Mylyft open platform lift

Above shows a stunning example of a Mylyft platform lift installed in the City of London. Located next to stairs, this lift provides equal access to all. The lift shown is capable of transporting multiple passengers at once, including a wheelchair user and assistant. 

KEP Lift engineers have a long history in the platform lift industry. With this expertise we have selected only the highest quality of brands. offering unparalleled reliability, style and efficiency - while remaining competitive on price. 

For more information on open aspect platform lifts - or any other form of platform lift. Please visit the link below. 


Platform Lifts

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