New Inclined Platform Lifts in Kent, Sussex and Essex.

Supra Platform lift

KEP lifts is proud to have installed a large number of Supra Inclined platforms across Kent, Sussex and Essex so far this month making KEP Lifts a leading inclined platform lift company within the UK.. Inclined platform lifts allows for disabled access via a stairway. Due to the rail construction, inclined platform lifts are suitable for almost any type of staircase both indoors or outside.

Our recent installations have been in schools, care homes and in a new apartment complex. 

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Advantages of owning a Inclined Platform Lift.

Ease of use

All inclined platform lifts installed by KEP have simple controls that are clear upon use. in addition to this KEP engineers always give a full tutorial on use on any completed installation.



Safety is built into all products installed by KEP Lifts - your safety is our number one concern. All inclined platform lifts installed by us have a number of features to ensure that obstructions can not cause harm to the passenger or others. Safety barriers also raise to assist the passenger in travel.


Inclined stair lifts make for excellent value - often cheaper than other forms of lift when covering the same distance.

As with all installations carried out by KEP Lifts, on completion you get the following as standard:

  • 1 years free warranty on all parts and labour
  • 1 years free servicing as standard
  • Finance options available
  • Technical support

For more information, please feel free to contact us on 01843 610060

See below for pictures of other brands of inclined platforms recently completed by KEP Lifts such as the Hiro inclined Platform lift.