Wessex Lifts Repairs & Maintenance

KEP Lifts engineers are experiences in the repair and maintenance of Wessex platform lifts.

wessex lift

Wessex are a British lift manufacturers founded in 1976 that are extremely commonplace throughout the UK. KEP Lifts engineers can carry out your servicing or repair requirements. Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact us today.

Email: Info@keplifts.co.uk

Phone: 01843 610060

Please see below for a collection of other brands of platform lifts. To find the best lift for you, please contact us for more information.

Ryder Cup 2018! Lifts installed by KEP Lifts

Its back in Europe - This time Paris! KEP Lifts are proud to have again been chosen to carry out the lift installations for the Ryder Cup. KEP Lifts have a long history of working in the biggest sporting events in Europe - See our Facebook page for pictures of our lifts from world famous locations

The RB150

RB150 is a belt driven lift part of the Barduva range - quietest platform lift we know off on the market. No pit required and the installation can be completed in under a day. Good value, Reliable and silent. Contact us on info@keplifts.co.uk for more information on the RB150.

The SB200

SB200 is a screw driven lift also part of the Barduva range. While better value than some other brands - its quality is the best we have seen when it comes to screw driven platform lifts. KEP Lifts have installed many around the country - they have a good record of being reliable and low maintenance.

KEP Lifts is a leading installer of lifts for temporary structures - The range of lifts we use reflect this. They are reliable, quick to install, require far less building works than other forms of lifts and they look the part on these world stage events! These qualities also makes them ideal for your home or business.

For more information on the KEP Lifts Barduva range - Contact us on info@keplifts.co.uk

See below for pictures of lifts from the Barduva Range.

Kent Elevators & Platforms - Summer 2018!

Summer 2018 is KEP lifts busiest period to date - prestigious events such as Royal Ascot are currently underway with projects in the Ryder cup, Paris to come shortly - watch this space for our latest news. 

here is a few examples of recent jobs undertaken by KEP Lifts - for more information about any of the examples below; please feel free to contact us.

NTD Platform Lift - London

To the right is an NTD lift worked on by KEP Lifts engineers. This platform is known as a 'screw' lift due to the fact the lift runs up and down a screw from a nut driven by the lift car. 

'Screw' lifts are often the cheapest type of vertical platform lift with all the advantages of a platform lifts. This type of lift is best suited for areas of occasional use. Heavy traffic areas could benifit from a hrdraulic lift. 

NTD Lift

For a more detailed explanation on different types of platform lifts - please visit our platform lift page. alternatively our offices are always on hand to help. Tel: 01843 610060

KEP Lifts in Premier league football

KEP Lifts are proud to have worked in a large number of famous sporting venues around the country. Currently we have several teams of engineers working in a premier league football team based in London. Works include the installation of a large 'scissor' platform lift. 

Scissor lift

(Left; the workings of the Scissor platform - finished pictures to come soon!)

Scissor lifts are an ideal form of lift to be used on a number of functions - whether this be for a goods lift, disabled access lift or even a car lift. 

KEP works closely with the market leading brand - ensuring quality and reliability at a competitive price.

We have many images of scissor lifts below; should you have any questions - do feel free to ask.

Liam Philpott
Lifts in historic buildings

KEP lifts is a leading company within the UK for installing platform lifts in historic buildings. KEP Lifts have worked in some of the most iconic buildings across the UK - many of which are of historic and cultural importance. Below are just but a few examples of lifts installed within a historic buildings in 2018.


Fordwich Town Hall - Fordwich, Kent

Fordwich - Britain's smallest town. In our minds also one of the most picturesque. The town hall is the smallest and oldest still in use to this day. Built in 1544 during the reign of Henry VIII this building has survived and has now for the first time been made accessible to disabled visitors. KEP Lifts carried out an installation of a mylyft scissor platform lift to provide disabled external access to the town hall. Open aspect platform lifts are an ideal solution to providing safe and reliable access from distances of several steps to several metres. For more information on Open aspect Platform lifts - please visit our platform lifts page.


Gloucester cathedral - Gloucester

Originating from 678 or 679 Gloucester cathedral has stood proud over the city for many years. This historic and impressive building now houses two new mylyft open platform lifts.


Boxgrove priory - Chichester

Located just east of Chichester is a stunning church dating back to the early twelfth century. KEP lifts installed a mylyft platform in the churches entrance - providing new disabled access to all of its visitors. As with any historic building - the design of this lift has been carefully considered to compliment and not take away from the building itself. The churches painted ceilings, surrounding ruins and local landscape makes this church a must see in the eyes of us all here at KEP Lifts.


Queen Mary College - London

Platform lift installation Dating back to 1785 and teaching over 25000 students queen Mary college is ranked in the Top five universities in London. KEP lifts engineers recently carried out an installation as part of a wider development of the grand and historic entrance lobby.

Queen Mary College - London
New Inclined Platform Lifts in Kent, Sussex and Essex.
Supra Platform lift

KEP lifts is proud to have installed a large number of Supra Inclined platforms across Kent, Sussex and Essex so far this month making KEP Lifts a leading inclined platform lift company within the UK.. Inclined platform lifts allows for disabled access via a stairway. Due to the rail construction, inclined platform lifts are suitable for almost any type of staircase both indoors or outside.

Our recent installations have been in schools, care homes and in a new apartment complex. 

For a free, no obligation quotation - please contact us today:

Tel: 01843 610060

Advantages of owning a Inclined Platform Lift.

Ease of use

All inclined platform lifts installed by KEP have simple controls that are clear upon use. in addition to this KEP engineers always give a full tutorial on use on any completed installation.



Safety is built into all products installed by KEP Lifts - your safety is our number one concern. All inclined platform lifts installed by us have a number of features to ensure that obstructions can not cause harm to the passenger or others. Safety barriers also raise to assist the passenger in travel.


Inclined stair lifts make for excellent value - often cheaper than other forms of lift when covering the same distance.

As with all installations carried out by KEP Lifts, on completion you get the following as standard:

  • 1 years free warranty on all parts and labour
  • 1 years free servicing as standard
  • Finance options available
  • Technical support

For more information, please feel free to contact us on 01843 610060

See below for pictures of other brands of inclined platforms recently completed by KEP Lifts such as the Hiro inclined Platform lift.

Open Aspect Platform Lift

Open Aspect Platform Lifts (often referred to as disabled access lifts) offer travel from just a few steps to several metres. Often seen in building entrances  both internally and externally these lifts allow for easy access for all. 

Mylyft open platform lift

Above shows a stunning example of a Mylyft platform lift installed in the City of London. Located next to stairs, this lift provides equal access to all. The lift shown is capable of transporting multiple passengers at once, including a wheelchair user and assistant. 

KEP Lift engineers have a long history in the platform lift industry. With this expertise we have selected only the highest quality of brands. offering unparalleled reliability, style and efficiency - while remaining competitive on price. 

For more information on open aspect platform lifts - or any other form of platform lift. Please visit the link below. 


Platform Lifts

Open aspect, Inclined and vertical

Lifts in Brighton - KEP Lifts

KEP Engineers work across the country on lift installations, lift removals, lift servicing or Lift repairs. This blog shows a few examples of the work undertaken by just one of our teams covering Brighton and its surroundings.

Stair lift in Brighton - Repair

KEP Engineers were called in to inspect and repair a stairlift - Reliable for many years, this stairlift had minor issues that were fixed promptly by our engineers.  KEP Lifts installs, maintains and repairs stairlifts across the country.

Over 25 years of making our customers lives easier – our engineers are trained, experienced and local. We use only a small number of lift manufacturers so that we can ensure affordability, reliability and durability across all of our stair lifts.

All of our stair lifts include the following:

● 1 Years warranty on all parts and labour

● 1 years free servicing as standard

● Buy back options – if the lift is no longer required

● Renting options – to ensure affordability for all


Curved stairs, straight stairs and even outside stairs – you never need to be limited in your mobility. Our stair lifts can be installed in the vast majority of stairways. To find out if your stairs are suitable – arrange a no obligation pressure free visit from one of our engineers.

Please view our stairlift page for more information

Stairlift in brighton

Stairlift in brighton


Vertical Platform Lift in Brighton

vertical platform open

Next up our engineers were called into visit a Orion vertical platform lift for a routine service - The Orion and Gulliver vertical platform lifts offer a stylish, reliable and affordable solution to all of you lifting needs. As visible from the image attached, the appearance of the lift resembles that of a passenger lift (There are many other appearance options all shown in our brochure). However the speed to install, lower required pit depth and cost to buy are all that of a platform lift - making these lifts ideal for homes and businesses alike.  



vertical platform layout

Inclined Platform lift in Hove


The team of engineers final job of the day was a visit to a Supra Inclined Platform Lift installed by KEP Lifts three years ago. These lifts have proven themselves to be a reliable addition to the building in which they belong, providing disabled access across all levels of the building. 

Inclined platform lifts allows for disabled access via a stairway. Due to the rail construction, inclined platform lifts are suitable for almost any type of staircase both indoors or outside. 

Advantages of owning a inclined stairlift:

  • Easy of use

All inclined platform lifts installed by KEP have simple controls that are clear upon use. in addition to this KEP engineers always give a full tutorial on use on any completed installation. 

  • Safety

Safety is built into all products installed by KEP Lifts - your safety is our number one concern. All inclined platform lifts installed by us have a number of features to ensure that obstructions can not cause harm to the passenger or others. Safety barriers also raise to assist the passenger in travel.  

  • Value

Inclined stair lifts make for excellent value - often cheaper than other types lifts when covering the same distance. 


Click here to download our Inclined platform Brochure

inclined platform lift
Platform lifts across the UK

KEP Lifts are proud to announce the completion of a large number of Lyfthaus Platform lifts throughout the country this month. These include but are not limited to the following:

Old Trafford

KEP installed a total of six platform lifts in the home of Manchester United football club! The installation was carried out by multiple teams of KEP engineers allowing us to complete the entirety of the works in under a week. 

Manchester united lift

The works being carried out by Manchester United will allow for an additional 300 disabled seats. The lifts installed by KEP have been designed specially by the architects and lyfthaus to meet the unique stadium environment.

The Old Marylebone Town Hall

Another lift installed by Kent Elevators and Platforms Ltd is located at the enterance of The Old Marylebone Town Hall, London. Part of the London Business School. This building has a proud history and is where celebrities such as former Beatles Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Star, Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher and Hollywood stars Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith got married.


The platform installed by KEP will allow for access down into impressive modern entrance that interconnects the two grand and historic buildings. 

Box Grove Priory

Located within the picturesque church, this lift has been custom designed and installed with the building in mind - the results can be seen for themselves!  KEP engineers were all left speechless on first arrival at this job - the stunning church and its surrounding ruins makes for a excllent day trip to any one in the area.

box grove priory disabled access

A collection of other recent installations this summer

Trading standards approved!

KEP Lifts has just gone through an extensive vetting procedure which now means we are officially Kent trading standards approved.  KEP always endeavours be professional, friendly and reliable - trading standards approval is an accreditation we hope showcases our working ethic. 

KEP Lifts can now also be found on Checkatrade.com - Our presence on here means that our customers can see genuine reviews by our most recent customers. 

You can of course still find all the most upto date images, news and contact information right here on www.keplifts.co.uk!

01843 610060



KEP lifts - kent trading standards
Liam Philpott
KEP Lifts - Summer news 2017!

Kent Elevators and Platform ltd (KEP Lifts) is experiencing another busy and successful year - Here is just a small section of our most recent activities: 

Helping our local community - Kent

KEP lifts is continuously looking to help and improve our local community. As part of this our engineers have volunteered to maintain a local roundabout. 
Pictures to follow of the new look roundabout in the coming weeks!

Our Lift engineers working in Sandwich, Kent  

Our Lift engineers working in Sandwich, Kent  

KEP Football club

Helping our local community is important to all of us at KEP Lifts - as well as maintaining a local roundabout we are sponsoring a local youth football club as of this year. 


Working at iconic buildings across the UK

KEP Lifts is proud to have worked in some of the most iconic buildings and iconic lifts within the UK. 2017 sets to continue this trend with our engineers already having completed lift installations in the Cheltenham festival, Royal Ascot, Queen Mary University, Canary Wharf, Battersea Power Station and Selfridges - Just to name a few! 

Of course this is not including the large amounts of private residences that we are equally proud to work within all around the country. 

KEP Ascot

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Queen Mary University of London - Platform Lift

KEP Lifts are pleased to announce another successful installation of a platform lift - This time inside the stunning Queens building within the Queen Mary University of London!

Installed was an open aspect platform lift designed to the architects vision - this lift compliments and does not take away from the impressive, historic space in which it resides. 

Would you like to know more information on Platform lifts?

Contact our office for more information on: 01843 620060 or email Info@keplifts.co.uk

Images from Queen Mary University of London
Rathbone Square – Goods Lift

Kent elevators and platforms Ltd (KEP) is pleased to announce the completion of another lift installation. This time is of a goods lift in Rathone square, Central London.

Rathbone square is one of the first public squares created in London in over 100 years – comprising of 142 luxury apartments complete with access to a swimming pool, Private wine storage room, private cinema and gym. Along side this is 216,000 feet of office space and a collection of shops and restaurants.

Installed by KEP is a IMEM goods lift with a maximum load of two tonnes – Providing a quick, safe and effective ways of moving goods around the building. KEP engineers are experienced in the installation of IMEM lifts – Check out our recent Ramsgate, Kent installation for pictures of an IMEM passenger lift. KEP also offers finance options on all our lifts, please ask our office for more details.

KEP would like to thank everyone at Rathbone square – on completion it will make a fine addition to central London.

More information please call our offices on 01843 610060 or email us on info@keplifts.co.uk

For more information on the Imem boxlift - click here to view their brochure.  

Platform lift - Battersea Power Station

KEP is pleased to announce the installation of a lift at Battersea power station!

We installed a vertical platform lift providing step free access between two floors for the residents of Battersea power station. Installed is a Gulliver by Thyssen Krupp – KEP is your local registered dealer of their products. We highly recommends their lifts for vertical platforms as well as stairlifts. As with all installations carried out by KEP, a guarantee and a years free servicing come as standard - finance options are also available.   

Platform Lift by KEP - Battersea

Platform Lift by KEP - Battersea

Battersea power station is being turned into luxury accommodation, shops, offices, parkland and more! One of the largest sites in Europe, the transformation of this part of London is on a truly awe inspiring. Visit https://www.batterseapowerstation.co.u for more information on this amazing project.  Another update of another lift installed at battersea will follow shortly.

For more information on vertical platform lifts, or any other type of life. Contact our office today!

Call: 01843 610060

Email: Info@keplifts.co.uk

Steplift - The White Collar Factory, London

Yet another completed lift installation by KEP Lifts. This time in Old Street, London. The lift installed was a Lyfthaus step lift - designed to fit in with the new impressive building in which it is situated.

The White Collar Factory has 237,000 square feet of office space. The development also includes the Old Street Yard which features a public courtyard - home to a number of restaurants, cafes and apartments.  To find out more about this great development, please visit their website: www.whitecollarfactory.com

Lift Installed By KEP Lifts

Lift Installed By KEP Lifts

To enquire about a lift like the one displayed above, please contact our office

Tel: 01843 610060

Email: info@keplifts.co.UK

Our Mission

  • Provide a five star service with high quality products and parts.
  • Have an excellent aftercare department.
  • Provide the support and advice best needed to inform our customers.

Why choose KEP Lifts?

  • All our lift installations come with a guarantee on parts and have a years free servicing as standard.
  • We offer finance options on all our lifts.
  • We offer free advice and its always 100% no obligation.
Dumbwaitor / service lift at Greensmiths, Lambeth - London

KEP carried out a routine servicing at Greensmiths food company. 


Greensmiths provides artisan bread and dairy produce and farm-to-plate butchers, plus cafe. they have two lifts, a platform lift as well as a dumbwaitor that are maintained by KEP Lifts. The dumbwaitor is used for plates of food to be transported from kitchen to their cafe (we recommend a visit!).

The food and smells always leaves us feeling hungry! Please visit their website for more information



For more information on Dumbwaitors or Platform lifts - contact us today.

Concord Platform Lift Repair - Dover

KEP have just completed another repair - This time on a lift in Kent.

White Cliffs vets in Whitfield, Dover has recently moved location to a bigger surgery. For the comfort of the animals and staff the building has a Concord platform Lift. This allows easy comfortable access for the animals that are being treated. KEP would like to thank the friendly staff and caring atmosphere that the surgery holds. We highly recommend if you are local to the Dover area.

White Cliffs Veterinary surgery website

White Cliff vets - Dover

Do you need a lift repaired, installed or removed? Contact KEP Lifts today.

For more information on Platform Lifts - Please view our resource pages. 


Passenger lift - Thanet

KEP is delighted to announce that we have completed a passenger lift in kent for the Sir Stanley Grey pub in Pegwell Bay. Our engineers fit a three stop Imem silence pro to provide access from the clifftop level entrance down through function floors to the ground floor at sea level. 

Pegwell bay hotel

We would like to thank all the staff at the Pegwell bay hotel and the Sir Stanley Grey pub for their hospitality. The building has great food, atmosphere and views that simply cannot be beaten. If in the area we highly recommend a visit! 

Link below to their website for more information:


Interested in having a passenger lift for your home or business? For more information on passenger lifts please click here. 

Kent Elevators and platforms installs many lifts in Kent - KEP is a national business, servicing all corners of the UK. Where ever you are in the UK, Contact us for a no obligation quotation. 


Tel: 01843 610060

Is a Stair lift right for you?

Many people choose to live in a bungalow, downsize or simply do not use the upper levels of their homes - why compromise when a stair lifts can provide all the answers for cheaper than you may think!

Here you will find a list of things to help if you are considering a stair lift for your home. 

  • Stairlifts can fit almost any stair - Curved, straight, steep or tall.
  • There are many different models and finishes to ensure you have the best lift for you. 
  • They are cheaper than you may think, with different brands and features to match any budget!
  • Servicing contracts and finance options are available for added peace of mind. (1 years free servicing included with all installs)
  • Buy back options if you no longer require.  

Our teams of KEP engineers are experienced and trained in fitting all types of lift. Maybe a home lift is better for you? 

  • Do you require a wheelchair to get around your home? 
  • Do you have spare space in a hallway or room that you feel a lift could fit? 
  • Are you looking for a stylish home improvement to add value and ease of access to your home?

Kent Elevators and Platforms Ltd prides ourselves in providing free and no obligation advice and support - our aim is to provide all of our customers with a lift that is best for them. Speak with our advisors for more information - we are always here and happy to help!

Tel: 01843 610060

Website: www.keplifts.co.uk

Wessex Lift installed - Staines

a Wessex platform lift has been installed by KEP Lifts.  Installed for London Square's Staines upon Thames project. This lift provides disabled access for the show home to the upcoming development. 

KEP highly recommend viewing their show home if interested in purchasing a property in the area - professional friendly company that works to a very high standard.

wessex lift installed by Kent Elevators and Platforms Ltd

wessex lift installed by Kent Elevators and Platforms Ltd

For more information on platform lifts - please contact KEP Lifts today!


Call: 01843 610060

Website: www.keplifts.co.uk


KEP working in Kent - Lifts in kent

KEP Lifts has teams of engineers meaning we work across the country - In any one day we are working on multiple projects. See below for works carried out on lifts in Kent by just one of our teams of engineers over a period of one day.

Lift repair - Kent

Platform Lift made by lyfthaus, fitted by KEP. repaired in Kent. Fully repaired and tested as standard - now again providing service to the local residents. 

lyfthaus/Edmo Platform Lift - KEP Lifts

Canterbury Cathedral - Kent

Canterbury cathedral is an iconic and famous building within the historic city of Canterbury. The cathedral is at the heart of the city and makes for an interesting day out. A number of lifts means that easy access is provides for all visitors.

For more information on canterbury cathedral, visit their website:


Works included:

  • Servicing to a dumb waiter lift that provides transportation of food and goods to the banquet hall. 
  • Servicing and repairs to a Garavemta platform lift. provides access between ground floor and conference suite. 


Age Concern - Sandwich, Kent

The final job carried out was for Age Concern, Sandwich. Three lifts including two Platform lifts (as shown in image below) and a dumb waiter were serviced. These allow for easy access for the users of the building and for food to be transported to the cafe upstairs from the kitchen below. 

Other KEP teams were busy installing other lifts around the country, finished pictures to be posted online on completion.

Whether you are considering having a lift installed, need one servicing or repaired - Contact KEP Today for a no obligation free quotation and advice. 

our services include:

  • Lift removals
  • Lift installations
  • Lift servicing
  • Lift modernisation

All these services can be applied to:

  • Stairlifts
  • Platform Lifts
  • Service lifts
  • And Passenger lifts

Contact us for more information about our services